Russia-Ukraine War What Was the Reason?

Russia-Ukraine War What Was the Reason? : Although not unexpected, the board into Russia was first puzzled world first and then dissolved. This war has been fired in the world. Although the attack was in the morning, the world was in an indefinite condition. This caught various economic areas. Even the common men in security hawky rage, even in the fear of security. Surely the world is still in an insecurity.

The occupation of Russia in Ukraine literally stirred worldworks. When the third world war there is overwhelming, a large-scale war on various nations and caused great struggles. The indices fell. And oil price reached the rise
The Putin announced the ‘military activities’ in the neighboring country, warned that in his television speech would face the implications of ‘treat’ in his television speech. Western powers including the US and the UK warned Russia to be responsible for war. Others received more cautious approach when some of the world supported Russia. Let us see what country stands in this growing conflict.

Russia-Ukraine War What Was the Reason?

Russia-Ukraine War What Was the Reason?

Ukraine was ranked third in the world’s nuclear weapon in 1991. Russia and the United States worked in combination with Ukraean’s nuclear parecavity. Finally, Ukraine signed two thousand nuclear weapons in the treaty of Russia’s financial help and security promises. This agreement itself has now violated Russia.
The fall of the Soviet Union and the development of the United States in the decision of the Orange Revolution, which was later known as the Orange Revolution, was later in power in power. Yushchenzo was also announced that Ukraine was given to Ukraine in the United States and the EU of the United States, the European Union and Ukraine was given to Ukraine. The news of the news that the neighboring party begins to be a member of his enemy court.

Orange Revolution

Victor Yanukovic, who was in power in Ukrein, was defeated by Julia Timoshion in 2010 but the inclination of Russia.

The natural gas supply pricing for the European Step for the Navy Steps of Russia and the ENCovic has been signed by Russia, the European Union’s trade transactions with the European Union. His decision was evident from the massive protest against the decision against the decision against the decision.

Julia Timoshengo

Victor Yanocovich (left) with Vladimir Put
These protests were attacked by 2014, and many protesters were killed. This was reinforced in Ukraine Parliament and the theme of the Votes, which is known as Revolution of Dignity), the mass protagonity of the votes was erupted with rustle-revolution. The Russian soldiers, known as Russian soldiers, raised the Russian flag there.
The Crimean peninsula was avenged to join the Russian federation, the referendum brought to the Russian federation has received great mass support and added Crimea. This was the Crimean Anxation of CrimiMea.

After Crimean Anxation, Donbasists in East Ukraine in April 2014 began to seize the separatists in eastern Ukraine. While Ukraine troops were trying to defend their progress
This concern was the worry of Ukraine people to choose Patoshanchole as president. He promised that Ukraine is the main issue of the time of Ukraine will be exposed to corruption and brings up Ukraine to European values. The then President of American President Barak Obama was willing to help Potoshengo.

The Malaysian Airline aircraft was also involved in the Musica of India and the concern of the total anxiety and concern. The plane is pouring into the missile attack on the east Ukraine Airspace on 17 July 2014. 298 Years of the aircraft lost their lives. Russia denied responsibility despite the missile applied to the plane was Russian.

Missing Malaysian plane

The suspects of the missing Malaysian plane from the nearest island of Madagascar
In September 2014, the Donbas Ukraine Sena was in September 2014, the Russian army entered Ukraine until Ukraine was signed in February 11, 2011 This place was announced in the force of emergency ceasefire and withdrawal of emergency

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